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        beijing huizhi diaphragm compressor
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         Company Culture 



        Company Culture


        Central Spirit:  Down-to-earth workingDiligency Innovation


        Down-to-earth: Huizhi people’s down-to-earth working is the base of Huizhi Company’s development;


        Diligency: Huizhi people’s diligency spirit makes us overcome many difficulties and develop so fast;


        Innovation: Huizhi people’s innovation spirit makes us develop so many new diaphragm compressors and expand lots of domestic and abroad markets.


        Value Conception:  Working together and sharing together


        Working together: Huizhi Company always makes sincere cooperation with all of the workers and customers;


        Sharing together: Huizhi Company always shares success and benefits with the workers and customers.


        Administration Conception: Trust, Peace and Wisdom


        Trust: The customers and we trust each other;


        Peace: Huizhi Company creates a peaceful and harmonious working environment for both workers and customers.


        Wisdom: Huizhi Company converge all wisdom of the workers and make success together.


        Management Conception: People foremost

        Huizhi Company always put human in very important position and creates a peaceful working circumstance for all of the workers.


        Quality Policy: Scientific managementPeople foremostTechnology innovation and Customers’ satisfactions  








        Tel:86 010 81284155 

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